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Alcohol Addiction Relapse Trigger; Believing All My Friends Are More Successful & Happier than Me

When you’re recovering from an alcohol addiction you might look around and feel like everyone else is doing better than you. We may feel like everyone else has it easier than we do. They’re having more fun, seem more financially secure and must be a lot happier too. This questioning and sense of dissatisfaction with…

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Warning Signs & Symptoms of a Functional Alcoholic Personality in Los Angeles, CA

There are quite a few people who indulge in alcoholic beverages; whether they enjoy the social drinking, or enjoy a glass or two to dissolve some stress. But was once a recreational activity for some; has become something more. Meehab Addiction Recovery has compiled some warning signs that your alcohol consumption has evolved into an…

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Physical, Emotional, Economic & Social Effects of Alcoholism in Los Angeles, CA; How AA Meetings Can Help in Recovery!

Alcoholic beverages have been consumed probably since Neolithic times. Low content alcoholic beverages like beer were a staple in many societies being safer than many community water supplies. The health benefits of moderate wine consumption have be touted for generations. Every society has its social poison. In most of the world it is alcohol, in…

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Signs that Someone is On Drugs, Symptoms of Abuse & How to Identify a Drug Addict in Los Angeles, CA

When you suspect someone you love is addicted to drugs, it can be a tough blow. These patterns of behavior are not something that happens overnight. Most people start using drugs socially or recreationally and find they need them more and more to function and feel “normal”. Even though drugs interfere with every aspect of…

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Affects of Alcoholism On the Family & Society in Los Angeles, CA; Link Between Alcohol & Dysfunctional Families

Alcoholism doesn’t just hurt you physically; it can also hurt others around you. Most people don’t realize how their drinking affects those around them and especially their families. Meehab Addiction Help Los Angeles would like to draw more attention to how alcoholism hurts your family and your relationship with them. Link Between Alcohol & Dysfunctional…

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