Affects of Alcoholism On the Family & Society in Los Angeles, CA; Link Between Alcohol & Dysfunctional Families

Alcoholism doesn’t just hurt you physically; it can also hurt others around you. Most people don’t realize how their drinking affects those around them and especially their families. Meehab Addiction Help Los Angeles would like to draw more attention to how alcoholism hurts your family and your relationship with them.

Link Between Alcohol & Dysfunctional Families

Most know that any relationship requires time, nurturing, and looking after. This means the relationship between you, your spouse, and your children. Often alcohol creates tension and gets between you, the ones you love, and the ones that love you. Studies have shown that 95% of families that have an alcoholic present end up with a dysfunctional and distant family. When a family member becomes dependent on alcohol they don’t realize the wedge it creates until it is too late and addictions are created. Often parents or young teens find alcohol ruining their life and their words and actions are no longer controlled. Verbal and physical abuse becomes more and more natural which again leads to a dysfunctional family where verbal and violence caused severe damage to members of the household. Often those who become reliant on alcohol finds that their family creates more and more space between them and their loved ones until they are no longer in their life. One of the leading causes of divorce between couples often starts with alcohol and an addiction to it.

How Alcoholics Affect Their Spouse & Family

In most cases, those dependent on alcohol will deny that they have a substance problem. Yet your family keeps telling them of the changes they are seeing in them which often leads to arguments and in some cases, physical abuse. However the best case scenario is that only one member is addicted to alcohol. Sometimes it gets worse. Often it is found that when one spouse become reliant on alcohol, it is easy for the other parent to slowly fall in the reliance of alcohol as well and especially when dealing with the stress of losing their spouse to the bottle. Same could be said for siblings. Often older siblings have an influence on their younger siblings and they too, in time, will mimic them. Of course, the same could be said about parents. A parent or parents that become addicted to alcohol are watched by their children and eventually the children will begin to mimic their parents. This has an affect on your children’s education and entire future. What we as parent do, greatly affect our children. As said before, once alcohol becomes part of the household, the best case scenario is that they end up alone where their actions can’t hurt those around them.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Services in Greater Los Angeles, California

Alcohol is a dangerous thing to introduce to your home and your life. Most don’t see the outcome until it is too late. For those who can see that their drinking addiction is hurting them and their family, you have the chance to fight against the outcome you really don’t want. Look to your family and loved ones for help and strength to fight your addiction. Meehab is dedicated to helping you fight these addictions and recover from alcoholism. If you’re ready to fight for your family and improve your way of life, contact Meehab today and begin your journey to recovery and back into the arms of your family.

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