What is Coke & How to Recover from a Powder or Crack Cocaine Addiction in Los Angeles, CA

If you have a loved one or you yourself is struggling with the abuse of cocaine, either in the form of powder or rock, you may need to seek out help. The use of cocaine is a very damaging drug that has some serious ramifications. One is that cocaine use and possession is against the law and you can be prosecuted as well as given jail time. This is a drug that is highly addictive and when you are using it the recovery can be extremely hard. Most of the time the help of a professional recovery center is necessary. Knowing what the drug is and the signs and symptoms of addiction is a great way to know when help is needed.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Explains What Cocaine is & the Signs & Symptoms Of A Cocaine Addiction

What is Cocaine AKA Coke: There are really two forms of cocaine that are manufactured and used. There is cocaine that is sold in the powder form and cocaine that is sold in the rock form. They are each equally as addictive but powder is more expensive than rock. The powder can be snorted while the rock can be smoked, injected or cooked to emit a gas that is called freebasing. These all are ways that a person will abuse cocaine. The problem is that it is a short stent of euphoria and energy boost which means that people tend to use it more and more. The other problem is that you can become tolerant of the drug and need more at one time to get the same feeling. Cocaine comes from a coca plant that is harvested and sold to labs that make it into a sell-able product.
Who Can Be Addicted To Cocaine: When a study was done on the types of people that are using and abusing cocaine, the results may be surprising. The majority of people try cocaine around the age of 20 but the people that go for help are at the average age of 37. Around 66% of the users are male and the rest are female. Of all the users that are admitted for help with cocaine abuse, more than 70% of them are also abusing other substances such as alcohol and other drugs as well.
What Are the Signs of Cocaine Addiction?: One of the first major signs that you have an addiction to a drug such as cocaine is the presence of a withdraw. Another way to know that you have an addiction is when you have to start increasing the dosage due to tolerance. If you start to notice that your priorities have changed and things that were important to you have taken a backseat to your drug use can all be signs that help is needed.
Who Needs Help for Cocaine Abuse?: Anyone that shows an addiction to cocaine will need to get help. Often times the person has a dependency to the drug and professional intervention is needed to help them with any illness that is associated with stopping the use. The help that is needed is a specialty service where the person will need to have monitoring and other care around the clock.

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