Make Nutrition & Healthy Cooking Part of Your Addiction Recovery Plan in Los Angeles, CA

The road to recovery is much more than just stopping drinking or doing other drugs. According to experts who specialize in addiction and recovery, your road to sobriety is paved by creating a new life where it is easier to simply not be an addict. If you continue to live your current life, the factors that brought you to addiction in the first place begin to catch up with you time and again. While you don’t need to change everything in your life all at once, there are a couple of important patterns of behavior that will continue to get you into trouble unless you change them. While preparing a meal certainly isn’t one of the traditional 12 steps in a recovery program, spending time in the kitchen cooking can help pave the way to your journey for a clean sober life. According to medical professionals, cooking has many advantages including a form of therapy for any individual struggling with substance abuse.

Benefits of Cooking as Part of Addiction RecoveryNutrition & Recovery from Substance Abuse

It provides an outlet for creativity. Cooking provides an avenue for creative self-expression, formulating your own recipe or adding variables to your favorite recipe are both great outlets of creativity. Remember, there are no rules set in stone. Experiment with new food groups, and improved methods of cooking. As you begin to work through the recovery process you will also begin to develop a different way of thinking that will ultimately help you reach your goal of sobriety.

Cooking Helps Stop Drug Temptation & Negative Thoughts

It keeps negativity from crowding your brain. Part of the recovery process is learning to control negativity. The cooking process offers each of us an opportunity to let go of negative thoughts and instead focus on the act of cooking by concentrating on the tastes, smells and colors, to occupy our thoughts in a positive way and stop negativity in its tracks.

Gain Confidence & Achievement from Learning to Cook

It offers a sense of achievement. Regardless of your ability in the kitchen, from a novice cook to an experienced cooking connoisseur there is always something that can be learned during the cooking process. Learning a new skill set for example, trying your hand at a complex recipe or using a new kitchen gadget can help your progress in the kitchen and in the recovery process by helping you achieve a sense of fulfillment.

Change Your Lifestyle to Be Healthy

It encourages a positive lifestyle change. Substance abuse deprives your body of the healthy nutrients it needs to survive. As your body begins to recover, it is essential that you begin the process of renewing your physical mechanisms. Eating a nutritious meal is paramount to the healing process. As you begin to cook you have control to select the ingredients and foods that you choose to prepare in your recovery meal. Eating healthier will improve your mind, body, and soul and keep you on the right path as your travel the road to recovery.

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