Positive Words & Thoughts for Recovery Addicts; Thinking Positively in Addiction Recovery

The choice to get clean and sober is an easy one to make when you are feeling confident and on top of the world, the hard part is staying clean when your triggers and cravings begin to take hold. Each step that you take towards your goal of sobriety should be viewed as an accomplishment. Staying sober and free from your addiction takes willpower and effort but each day that passes brings you one day closer to your recovery goals. One of the greatest and very real concerns for a recovering addict is the possibility of a relapse. If you are in the recovery stages and concerned that your chances of staying sober are not as high as you would like them to be you can improve your odds by following these simple steps.

How to Stay Sober from Alcohol & Drugs; Positive Thinking in Recovery

1. Building Relationships: Research indicates that people who consider themselves to be in a happy place are more likely to develop close relationships with other people. It’s not about the number of people you know, but rather the quality of the connection and your ability to build upon it. Reach out to someone you care about today and see where it leads. You may be surprised by the positive outcome and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with it.
2. Giving Your Time: Make the time to give back to a cause that you are passionate about, a task that you can perform without reward. For example volunteering at your local animal shelter is a great way to give back to your community with the added bonus of making some new furry friends.
3. Physical Health and Well-being: Negativity can pose a very real risk when it comes to maintaining your sobriety and so can lethargy. Exercise is a proven method to help combat depression, even if you are not interested in going hard core and joining a gym you can try yoga, join a walking club or participate in a team activity such as table tennis.
4. Find a Hobby: Get out of the house and spend time focusing on a creative outlet such as pottery or painting. Whatever activity you decide upon, it should be something that you will find challenging that you can become absorbed in and figuratively lose track of time. There is nothing better than the sense of exhilaration that comes from creating something with your own hands.
5. Spirituality: Research indicates that individuals who consider themselves to be at their happiest believe that they have a connection to a higher power. Meditation is often considered a practice in a number of faiths that has been proven to enhance the sensation of happiness and well-being.
6. Focus on Your Qualities & Strengths: Studies also indicate that a feeling of happiness can be attributed to your ability to accept self-knowledge as opposed to self-criticism. While it is all too easy to fall into the pattern of self-criticism, your goal should be to recognize and identify with your best qualities including improving your strengths and building upon your weaknesses.
7. Optimism: Your ability to be optimistic will enhance your ability to cope with the highs and lows of the recovery process. Individuals that are truly happy have the ability to recognize opportunities even in less than ideal situations. Developing your skill of optimistic thinking will help you to heal your emotions, and your mental and physical wellbeing.

Addiction Recovery Support & Resources

By following these simple steps to success you will find that staying sober and preventing a relapse are both within your grasp. To learn more about recovery from addiction, contact the knowledgeable experts at Meehab Addiction Recovery today and click here to sign up for the latest updates concerning our helpful app.

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