Signs that Someone is On Drugs, Symptoms of Abuse & How to Identify a Drug Addict in Los Angeles, CA

When you suspect someone you love is addicted to drugs, it can be a tough blow. These patterns of behavior are not something that happens overnight. Most people start using drugs socially or recreationally and find they need them more and more to function and feel “normal”. Even though drugs interfere with every aspect of their life and cause serious problems in careers and relationships, the user’s cravings are stronger and will win out. Much of the time, those addicted to drugs recognize the problem and want to quit desperately, but don’t have the strength to do it on their own. Meehab Addiction Recovery is here to talk about some signs that indicate a drug addiction.

Drug Addiction Occurs in the Brain Gradually

When someone develops an addiction to drugs, it doesn’t happen right away. There will be subtle signs at first and as the addiction progresses, you will notice these signs become more prominent.
– Sudden change in friends
– Sudden weight loss or gain
– Unsteady hands and anxiousness
– Bloodshot eyes, glazed eyes and large pupils
– Development of dishonest behavior and lying
– Unexcused absences from work or school
– Different sleeping patterns
– Mood changes and changes in behavior

Ways to Investigate Suspicious Signs of Drug Abuse

Concern for a loved one and drugs can place a real burden on your shoulders. You will find that you want to do everything in your power to help them. The first step in helping a loved with a suspected drug addiction, is to find out for sure if there is a drug problem present.

Keep a Journal to Record Suspicious Behavior to Assist in Addiction Recovery

Having a place you can record suspicious behavior is helpful. It allows you to look back and see if there is a pattern developing. This will allow you to keep a record of the comings and goings of your loved one. You can keep track of the history on their computer as well as any absences from school or work. You can also have a record of the people they are spending the most time with and how often. A journal is a great tool in helping those you love.

Look into Phone Bills, Bank Statements, Etc.

If you live with the person you suspect has a drug problem, you probably have access to phone records and bank statements. These types of paper trails can be helpful in finding out of there is a drug problem or not. Looking at a call history and finding out how much money is coming in and more importantly going out of bank accounts will tell you a lot. Look for unusual spending habits as well as unrecognizable phone numbers your loved one has been calling or receiving calls from.

Drug Addiction Recovery Services in Greater Los Angeles, California

Drug addiction is devastating. Like mentioned above, a lot of the time, your loved one won’t be able to kick the habit and addiction on their own. At Meehab Addiction Recovery, we offer the emotional support needed to assist our patients in conquering their drug addiction. Call us today!

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