How to Prevent Alcohol Addiction & Drug Abuse; Control Drinking, Make a Daily Schedule, Find Things to Do Instead Etc

So you are out with friends and you realize you have had too much to drink. The amount of alcohol that you consume even in small amounts will impair your judgment. You may end up making choices that you otherwise would not if you were of sound mind. Alcohol is a problem for many people and becomes an addiction far too easily. At every social event and gathering there always seems to be a bar. Once you are an alcoholic there is no longer a safe amount that you can drink. You will be working to stay 100% sober the rest of your life. If you are young and you think that alcohol may be starting to take on too much of your social life you want to follow a few steps to control it. Being able to rationally make decisions about alcohol is a great way to only have what you want and not go overboard with your drinking.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Los Angeles Outlines Some Steps You Can Take to Reduce The Amount of Alcohol You Consume

Preset Your Limits to Control Alcohol Consumption: If you are out with friends or at a party you want to be sure you know what will be there. If you have set your limit at zero drinks you need to be strong enough to stick to that. The limit that you set or even the amount of money you are willing to spend on alcohol should be a hard set before you ever leave the house. Do not allow yourself to make excuses or add one more because this is the road to alcohol addiction. It is always a great idea to have a friend or someone that you trust who knows the plan or is setting the same limits for themselves. Being accountable to another person is a great way to keep yourself in check.
Find Things to Do Instead of Drinking: When you are struggling to stay away from alcohol sitting around your home with nothing to do may lead to drinking. If you are bored and have nothing on your agenda a drink can end up in your hand. You want to be sure that you stay active and involved. There are activities such as clubs and gyms that you can join so you are left with less open time in your schedule. These types of activities can lead you to feeling happier and much more positive.
Make a Daily Life Schedule … And Stick to it!: An organized and scheduled life is a great way to stay away from those bad habits that you want to break. Many habits such as drinking alcohol come when there is time to kill. You can set yourself a schedule so you know that particular days in the month you will refrain from alcohol all together and give yourself days that you are using your preset limits.

Addiction Recovery Services in Greater Los Angeles, California

If you have gone too far and you feel like these won’t work for you there may be a dependency on alcohol that has lead to alcohol addiction. Like any addiction it is best treated by professional that know the steps and care it will take to get back to a healthy and alcohol free life. Meehab Addiction Recovery Los Angeles offers the resources you need on your journey to recovery!

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