Warning Signs & Symptoms of a Functional Alcoholic Personality in Los Angeles, CA

There are quite a few people who indulge in alcoholic beverages; whether they enjoy the social drinking, or enjoy a glass or two to dissolve some stress. But was once a recreational activity for some; has become something more. Meehab Addiction Recovery has compiled some warning signs that your alcohol consumption has evolved into an addiction.

What Makes a Person an Alcoholic?

1) Responsibilities are Neglected. If you are currently employed, in school, or simply have to contribute to the household and problems consistently arise because of your negligence where alcohol is involved, you may want to analyze how it is impacting your day-to-day function.
2) Relationship Problems. If drinking has caused trouble in relationships with friends, family members, or your significant other, that might be an indication of your drinking has become an addiction.
3) Increased Alcohol Tolerance. Another sign of addiction is tolerance; if you have noticed that you need more drinks than usual to get drunk, it implies your body has had exposure to alcohol regularly, allowing the body to adjust.
4) Withdrawals. A hangover is far different than withdrawal. A hangover is a reaction to too much alcohol, where withdrawals are a reaction to the lack of alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms include; depression, fatigues, irritability, anxiety, and nauseousness, as well as loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, and trembling or shaking.
5) Being Unable to Quit. If you or someone who cares about you has noticed your drinking has evolved into something more serious and you try to cut back or quit unsuccessfully, your addiction may require professional intervention. Deciding to quit is acceptance to your drinking issues, but struggling with addiction can be difficult and with professional assistance, you can ultimately achieve your goals.
6) Hiding or Lying about Drinking. Denial is a common occurrence. Many turn to secretly drinking or lying about the quantity to others so it is less of an issue. For observers, this can be hard to detect but it is definitely a sign of a more serious drinking problem.
7) Drinking to Feel Better. Stress, depression, anxiety, or other emotional reasons are often the reasons behind opting to drink. Finding the relief from the current emotional state is only a temporary fix with alcohol and over time can actually worsen. If you feel the only way to dissolve stress after work is to consume alcohol, chances are it has become an addiction and emotional crutch.
8) Regularly Blacking Out. Drinking to the excess of having no recollection is a major red flag of alcohol addiction. Drinking too much where you or someone close notices the routine trend indicates a deeper problem and dependence on alcohol.
9) Unable to Stop Once you Started. If you open a bottle of wine or crack open a beer thinking one or 2 drinks, but then once you have started you can’t stop until it is all gone or you blacked is another major red flag of alcohol addiction.
10) Dangerously Drinking. Drinking when it is not ideal, for example; before work, or against doctor’s orders because of current medications and other such examples indicates that your drinking has become a priority in your life.

Addiction Recovery Help in Greater Los Angeles, California

If you have one or more of these signs that fit you or someone you love, professional assistance can help you kick an alcohol addiction. Contact Meehab Addiction Recovery today to find out more about how you can conquer your alcohol addiction.

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