Should Others Drink Around a Recovering Alcoholic? Tips to Stay Sober at Holiday Parties

One of the most challenging aspects as a recovering alcoholic is to attend social occasions where you know there will be alcohol served. The temptation can be overwhelming to say the least. Not only do you crave the taste and sensation alcohol gives you, but it can be uncomfortable being the few or even only one remaining sober while everyone else is getting intoxicated. It may be so powerful with all the circumstances that you feel like you are on the verge to relapse. To help those new to recovery, we Meehab Addiction Recovery would like to share some advice on the attending social functions.

Avoid Functions Where Alcohol is Served

In the beginning of your recovery, it is strongly encouraged that you avoid any function where alcohol may be served. The early stages make you extremely vulnerable to temptation and more often than not, even the strong-willed relapse. If you are not ready to be around drinking, it is crucial you avoid it whenever possible. As you firmly set into your sobriety the social occasions will be easier to handle, but even so, never get too complacent about them either.

Call Your Sponsor When Tempted to Drink

There are legitimate reasons why you may find yourself in a situation where alcohol is around you. You may have to go to a bar for a business lunch, an important event where alcohol is staple, or even where a loved may like to dine. Those situations are acceptable and all the steps should be taken to strengthen your resolve. If you are simply attending a venue to watch others get drunk, to bask in the atmosphere where people frequently are intoxicated, hanging with old drinking buddies, or simply out of boredom and/or loneliness then those thoughts need to be offset by calling your sponsor or a loved one who can empathize and still give you the strength to overcome the desire.

How to Stay Sober at Holiday Parties

With the holidays in full swing, the odds of being invited to social gatherings where alcohol is served is pretty high. But there are ways you can survive the events without succumbing to your cravings.
1) Bring a sober friend along. Having something by your side, knowing your struggle, and indulging in the alcohol free beverages will help with the restraint while still enjoying the company.
2) Leave early. Near the end, when people are intoxicated and the serious drinking picks up, you can simply say your farewells and leave before the temptation grows too intensely.
3) Have a reason why you cannot drink. When a person who may not know of your circumstances continually asks you to have a drink, you can simply let them know you do not drink. Not wanting to let everyone know of your personal journey at this time can be easily avoided. With no reasons to lie, you can have prepared reasons why you cannot. Be the designated driver, or take on other responsibilities that require you to be sober. In the event you feel a relapse coming on, leave the function immediately. Call your sponsor if you have one, or a supportive loved one to give you the support you need. Whatever you do, do not pick up the drink.

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