Solutions & Strategies to Prevent Alcohol & Drug Abuse in Teenagers in Los Angeles, CA

One of the common victims of alcohol addictions are our teens. Most teens will rebel or seek a good time with friends or even combat depression by turning to alcohol. Studies have shown that older male teens coming out of high school are more prone to binge drinking than younger teens, especially females. However, this doesn’t exclude teens of any age or sex turning to alcoholism. Meehab Addiction Recovery has a few tips or suggestions on how to help prevent future alcohol addictions in our teenage children.

Signs of Teenage Alcohol Abuse

The first tip is to be prepared for your teen to experiment with drinking alcohol either through their own desire or peer-pressure. You will want to watch for early signs that your teen has been drinking. Some signs of teen drinking may be moodiness, over or excessive sleeping, troubles at school, or rebelling against household rules. Once signs emerge, you may want to take steps to prevent your teen from drinking or becoming addicted to alcohol.

Dangers of Drinking & Driving

As your child reaches that age where they will begin to drive teach them of the danger and consequences of drinking and driving. When it comes to teen deaths, about one in every three, is due to drinking and driving. Teach of the wisdom of having a designated driver and how the leading deaths in teens are due to drinking and driving. This will bring awareness to the many dangers of drinking.

Teenage Drinking Parenting Advice

Another way to help prevent alcohol addiction is by creating rules. Make sure to create a policy or set of rules that is balanced. Rules that are too strict could lead to rebellion. Nonetheless, be strict with drinking rules and implement them at a younger age, such as 12 to 13. Studies have shown that teenagers with strict drinking rules are less likely to drink or they drink far less.

What to Do if You Catch Your Teenager Drinking?

Lastly, if your teen has been drinking, react quickly. Approach your teen and learn the reasons for the lapse in rules. Some kids do it because of peer-pressure from friends or perhaps to escape certain aspects of life. If your teen is bullied, depressed, or feels lost, some will turn to alcohol. It is important to be there for your children. See when they need you and assist them through their challenges.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Help

When your teen turns to alcohol and is facing addiction, consult with Meehab Addiction Recovery. We will help those fighting addictions and begin a recovery program. To begin your road to recovery contact Meehab Addiction Recovery today. Be the first to download our app once it is released.

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