Chronic Binge Drinking. Why is Alcohol So Addictive & Why Do I Drink to Get Drunk?

When it comes to abusing a substance, alcohol is one that tops the list. It is a larger issue in communities even over drugs! The reason could be the acceptance of drinking in social settings. It can also be because alcohol is something that can be purchased at any store or restaurant as long as you are 21 years of age. Drugs are harder to come by and are illegal to obtain and even use. That is what keeps alcohol and addiction to it at the top of the list of substance abuse problems. You want to know why people are choosing to use alcohol and what makes the alcohol an addictive substance. When you are able to do that you can start to look for a treatment that will work for you or your loved one.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Lists Reasons Why Alcohol is So Addictive

Chronic Binge Drinking: One of the things that Americans are known for is their full size meals and oversized drinks. The same goes for drinking when to comes to alcohol. If you are somewhere that you choose to start drinking and you consume four to five alcoholic drinks then you are binge drinking. If you talk to the people that do drink and ask them about how many drinks per sitting they might have this is a very common number. That means that binge drinking has actually become the norm for most people. Seeing someone that is taking back four or five drinks may not even cause anyone around you to blink an eye. Binge drinking means that you are overusing alcohol and that is the start of a real problem.
Why Do You Continue to Drink Alcohol: When you are using alcohol there is a change to your brain. When you start to drink the alcohol will cause your body to send endorphins to your brain. This makes you feel happy and that is a feeling that many people want to have. The problem is that some people get so used to wanting that feeling that they turn to alcohol to get it. You can actually get the same endorphins by eating food you love, laughing and even exercise. People usually start out drinking socially which already is a place to release endorphins and the alcohol will just increase that. The drinker will relate all the good and happy feelings to the alcohol and be likely to repeat the behavior.
Why Do I Drink to Get Drunk?: The issue is that someone who drinks alcohol is looking to repeat the same feeling they first had but over time the alcohol will not have the same effect. Your body will start to need more and more alcohol to get to that same level and that means that people will drink more at one sitting and increase the amount of times and days that they are abusing alcohol.

Help for Alcoholics Battling Addiction

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