Psychological, Biological, Social, Childhood Trauma, Underlying & Other Factors that Cause Alcoholism

Alcoholic beverages are found the world over. Originally, they were used for healing and purification properties. Now it is far more common to consume it at social events or is used to help calm the stresses of daily life. However, addictions can easily form since the original purpose of alcoholic beverages have been misused for centuries. Meehab Addiction Recovery would like to share some of the top reasons why people turn to alcohol and eventually become addicted in the hope we can warn folks of future addictions that often ruin lives and hurt those around you.

Why Do We Drink Alcohol?

Studies have been conducted to discover the reasons why some become addicted to alcohol and why others do not. Many will turn to the substance either looking for a good time or to forget the stresses of their day. Others turn to it during hard times to help them cope so they don’t have to face their problems head on. Many will suffer from loss or financial problems while others deal with a stressful work or living environment. Regardless as to the reason why, they turn to the use of alcohol. Some will suffer severe addictions and then it becomes a struggle to remove alcohol from their life.

Biological Causes; Alcoholism Genetic Predisposition

One reason why some will become addicted to alcohol can simply be due to genetics. Yes, genes often play a role in many addictions. Studies have shown those with a family history of alcoholism can become addicted to alcohol just as easily as their ancestors did. This is because addiction is believed to be a problem of brain functioning. Addicts are addicted to the chemicals our brains release, not necessarily the substance or activity that causes this chemical release. And our genetics greatly determine our brain functioning.

Relationship Between Mental Illness & Drug Abuse

Another study has shown those with some sort of mental illness, such as anxiety and depression or other mood based illnesses, are also prone to addiction. Many of the mentally ill will turn to alcohol during times of confusion or depression and use alcohol to feel better. This in turns causes a dependency and then an addiction to alcohol.

Causes & Concerns of Youth Addiction to Alcohol

Youth that are introduced to drug use will also be prone to drinking and becoming addicted to alcohol. Drugs weaken mental as well as physical willpower and when it comes to alcohol they become more easily addicted. Often those trying to come off of drugs will also turn to alcohol to help overcome the drug addiction. Again this can create another addiction to alcohol.

Social Alcoholic Behavior

The individual’s social environment, where regular drinking and alcohol is freely present and easily accessible also leads to addictions. Most probably image collage or high school kids having regular parties where alcohol becomes a primary focus. Where this situation does occur, this isn’t only the environment to worry about. Parents or other members of the household may keep alcohol around for light drinking or they may already be addicted to alcohol as well. The regular supply of alcohol in the home can lead others to drinking it, especially our youth. Occasional alcohol use isn’t bad and some consider it healthy. Even doctors say that a glass of wine a day is beneficial to your health. However, who else may be drinking it and do they possess the willpower to stop before they form an addiction?

Childhood Trauma Can Lead to Alcohol Addiction

Those who have suffered childhood trauma often become addicted to alcohol to help them suppress or hide those painful memories. Those who have known neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or have seen or experienced loss often shape a child’s mental chemistry and they can become vulnerable to addiction to alcohol as well as to drugs.

Help for How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Knowing what can lead to alcoholism may help to prevent or even send early warning signs that a loved one may become addicted to alcohol. Addiction is never good as it will become the thing truly in control of your life. Addictions don’t just hurt you mentally and physically, it can also destroy your life and hurt those around you. If you’re looking to beat your addictions, contact Meehab Addiction Recovery and we will give you the tools to begin a new and better life.

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