How Does Alcohol Addiction Affect Children? Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Mental Health Trauma & More

Alcoholism has many victims and the ones that it hurts the most are the ones who don’t even drink. The most defenseless are the children of alcoholics. The National Association for Children of Alcoholics states that around 30 million children are born to alcoholic parents.

Effect of Alcoholism on Children

Parents are supposed to be loving, nurturing and kind. When they are alcoholics, children are left dealing with parents that are unpredictable, neglectful, violent and selfish and who continually give into their own desires and impulses. These homes are often chaotic, inconsistent, lacking in rules and boundaries and is also many times argumentative and violent. These children are more susceptible to emotional physical and sexual abuse. Children of alcoholic parents are at increased rick of depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders and isolation. Children of alcoholics fall by the wayside and are not taken of like they should be. This can be traumatic for children. Educational and behavioral problems in school are common with children who have an alcoholic parent. Young children may experience bed wetting, nightmares, separation anxiety and episodes of getting upset and crying. When children are raised by alcoholics they are at higher risk of mental health trauma and substance abuse when they get older. There is a strong correlation between genetic traits and the development of alcoholism. Approximately 25 percent of children of alcoholics also become dependent on alcohol in their lifetime.

Dealing with an Alcoholic Mother or Father

It can be very embarrassing to have a parent that is an alcoholic. Children become secretive and will keep friends away from their home to avoid shame. Many of these children are forced to grow up too quickly and take on adult roles. They assume caretaker responsibilities and end up missing out on their childhood. What’s worse is that these children often blame themselves for the parent’s behavior and may feel like they are responsible to cure them. Many children feel that if they do better in school, help more around the house or act in the way they think their parents want them to act that their parent(s) might stop drinking. This is too much pressure to put on a child because it isn’t true. Alcoholism is a disease and the dependent person will drink no matter what anyone does to try and stop them. Childhood is meant for excitement, discovery, development and growth. Too many children are living in homes where a parent is struggling with alcoholism.

Alcohol Treatment & Recovery Help for Alcoholics

As with any disease, alcoholism needs to be treated. Without treatment, an alcoholic will probably keep drinking and may even get worse over time. No one set out to become dependent on alcohol and going to treatment may seem impossible when you are a parent, but it is possible. There are many resources available to those suffering with alcoholism. These resources can help you build a better life for you and your child. Alcoholism is a treatable disease. If you are an alcoholic parent, please get help by contacting Meehab Addiction Recovery. We are honored to provide assistance for recovering alcoholics. We invite you to download our helpful app for free today. To learn more, click here. To download for free on android, click here. To download for free on iphone, click here.

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