How to Talk to a Loved One About Their Drinking Problem in Beverly Hills, CA & What Not to Say!

When you notice that a loved one might be drinking excessively, it can be difficult to want to say something. You do not want to offend them, or have them get angry you think they have a problem. More often than not, someone with a drinking problem will not even get help until they admit they have an issue. But as you are seeing the issue getting out of hand, you want to step in before it turns into a catastrophe. Experts warn that telling someone they drink too much can be humiliating and their first response is typically denial and to be defensive. Instead of approaching the matter in disapproval, show concern over their well being. If you feel you need to have an intervention or plant the seed, there things to say and things not say. We at Meehab Addiction Recovery would like offer some advice when you set out to talk to your loved one about a potential drinking problem.

How to Make Someone Realize They have a Drinking Problem

Using positive language in your tactics is optimal according to expert’s advice. For example, “I’m curious to think that if you drink less, you will see improvement in your health.” You can also reference that you have noticed that they haven’t had a positive outlook on life since their drinking has increased. Be sure to add you are not trying to bring it up to pick on them or to make them angry, but you just want to show your concern. Or perhaps you can relate that they are not as physically as active as they were before that alcohol consumption increased.

What Not to Say to an Alcoholic

When you do bring it up, avoid criticizing, making statements that you are judging, or labeling the person as an alcoholic and especially coming across as harsh. Instead of remarks of accusation, use open questions.

How to Help an Alcoholic Who Doesn’t Want Help

Choosing the moment you approach the matter is essential for the both of you. Ensure you are both in the right place where confidence is high, mood is calm, and neither of you are too emotional. Make sure you are armed with the facts and all the correct information where you can offer the person the advice and support. Seeking support from someone independent, will hopefully help them change their behavior or their relationship with alcohol, especially if you are to get the person you are showing concern for to this stage. In this regard, they will hear it from a neutral source, their drinking is in excess and it is not coming from just you. You may be surprised to find they agree with you and embrace the help they need, but prepared for them to deny they have a problem and get defensive. Though you want to help and support them kick their habits with drinking, they have to be the ones to want to change their relationship with alcohol. You may have to multiple conversations with them about their alcohol problem and others may have to intervene as well before they recognize their dependence on it.

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