Physical Characteristics of an Alcoholic; Face Swelling, Skin & Aging Effects, Beer Belly & More

Have you ever went and got your hair done and you walk around getting compliments? People can tell that you changed an aspect of your look. The same can occur when you lose some weight or have surgery to improve your appearance. These are all positive changes that can help you feel more confident. When you have an addiction to anything including alcohol you may start to notice that your appearance will start to change. The change is not something that happens if you are a casual and occasional drinker. When you have become an alcohol addict and you are drinking in excess on a regular basis there will be changes to your appearance. You don’t want anyone coming up to you saying you look different and not in a good way.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Lists Physical Characteristics that Can Change When You Are Addicted to Alcohol

Effects of Alcohol on Skin & Aging: If you don’t get enough water to drink you will start to feel dry lips and mouth followed by skin that is ashy. That is all due to dehydration. The problem when you drink alcohol in excess is that you are depriving your body of much needed moisture. The skin is a huge organ that needs the nutrients that come from that moisture. You can start to notice that the veins in your face will become enlarged and that makes your face look redder. The other problem is if you have any underlying disorder such as eczema that will become worse when drinking. The blood vessels in your body will all start to dilate and that will cause you to look less like yourself.
Beer Belly: We have all heard the term beer belly. Well that is because it is actually true. The term is not accurate because it can occur from drinking all kinds of alcohol. When you are drinking you may notice that your belly and even your face look bloated. Most people want to look thinner than they are so drinking alcohol is counterproductive. The problem is that the alcohol has toxins in it that is causing your stomach to bloat from the buildup.
Your Face Looks Tired & Unhealthy: You may start to notice that you face is never looking fresh and alert when you are a heavy drinker or an alcoholic. The alcohol will cause you to feel anxious, sad and exhausted. These are all things that will show up in your face. Just like you are able to see if someone has spent the night crying you can see the alcohol all over their face. The other issue is that it does not stop when you stop drinking. Most people will struggle with feelings of being hungover which causes you to look how you feel.
Dry & Brittle Hair & Nails: When you stated the fact that drinking too much alcohol can cause you to become dehydrated your skin is not the only thing that will suffer. You may notice people that are struggling with alcohol addiction don’t have the best hair or nails. That is because they need the moisture that you are lacking to grow and stay strong.

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