Being Aggressive when Drunk in Glendale, CA; Alcohol, Violence & Aggression Psychology

Alcohol addiction can cause relationship problems in a number of ways. Loved ones can see the personality changes and the toll it takes on the individual as well as themselves. When many people become intoxicated, some personality traits are more pronounced. Unfortunately some personality traits are those that often demonstrate aggression towards anyone in their path, including loved ones. Alcohol addiction to those individuals can be a much worse combination. With that in mind, we at Meehab Addiction Recovery would like to discuss the aggression that often shows up it when intoxicated.

Alcohol Increases Aggression Reduces Inhibition Makes it Difficult to Focus

According to most experts, the belief that the reason some folks show aggression and confrontational attributes when drunk is because of how the brain is affected by alcohol. Alcohol is known to reduce the ability to think clearly and it narrows the focus of attention, giving the drinker tunnel vision. If someone interprets provocation while drunk, they often do not take into account the consequences of their actions, which often produce violent reactions to people who would otherwise normally shrug it off.

Does Alcohol Relieve Anxiety?

One of the common reasons people turn to alcohol, which later becomes an addiction, because the chemical change in the brain that make you initially feel relaxed because of the alcohol. However, according to some medical professionals, to avoid or escape certain situations, anxiety actually protects by signaling us. While intoxicated, the warning system that tells us to avoid certain circumstances is not effective and then tends to put some people in a confrontational and more aggressive state.

Alcohol Affects the Brain & Behavior

With alcohol consumption, especially with those addicted to alcohol, the way we process information is affected. People are more likely to misinterpret other people’s behaviors and statements as well as misread social cues when they consume alcohol. This is often why people assume they are being disrespected when there was no such intent and drunken fights erupt.

Avoid Binge Drinking

There are things that the violent drinker can do to avoid aggressive encounters. Though most people who drink, and even those addicted to alcohol, will never get violent, and the fewer who will not be aggressive all the time, for those prone to anger, you can still avoid problems. For those with a quick temper, such as losing it over a spilled drink, there are a few considerations. Binge drinking, for example, should be avoided at every opportunity. Binge drinking only increases the likelihood of becoming aggressive or even being the agitator and receiving end of someone else’s temper.

Tips & Help for How to Quit Drinking & Leave Alcohol Behind!

Cutting back on your drinking or even eliminating it from your life can help reduce the aggressiveness you display. When it comes to being addicted to alcohol, getting sober is essential or you will continue to push loved ones away or get into problems regarding the law with your temper and drinking. If you are ready for help, contact Meehab Addiction Recovery today. Our experts are ready to help you on your way to sobriety and with a variety options that we can help you kick the alcohol addiction. We invite you to download our helpful app for free today. To learn more, click here. To download for free on android, click here. To download for free on iphone, click here.

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