What Does Alcohol Do to Your Brain & Behavior Long Term? Is there a Cure for Alcoholism?

It seems that in our day in age there is a plan, treatment or app for just about anything we need assistance with. Although the progress of the human race has been amazing and we now know much more then we used to, there are some things that cannot be undone. Your brain is an organ that learns and adapts to what you put it through. You are not born with knowledge and understanding. It would be great if you could upload what you want to your brain to prevent disease, learn a new language or lose weight but sadly we are not there yet. The uploading will have to stay with your smart phone and computers. Now that you have a partial understanding of the brain you have to think about what a substance such as alcohol will do to it. The brain is something that will start to send you information based on a response that it gets. A baby that is learning to walk will try harder when they see a happy, cheering mother on the other side of the room. They crave the love and attention so the brain will tell them to persevere and walk. Now with alcohol or other addictive substances the same process is at work.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Explains Whether there is a Cure for Alcoholism

What Does Alcohol Do to Your Brain?: When you drink alcohol you are giving your body a substance that actually alters your thoughts and action. The more you consume the substance the more your body will continue to crave it. The problem is that the more you consume the larger your tolerance is which means you need to increase the amount on a regular basis. We can use your sense of smell to help better understand. When a fresh batch of cookies comes out of the oven you will notice that even if you didn’t feel hungry you are craving the flavor. That is because you have pre-wired your brain to feel joy when you are eating a cookie. That is why the smell is enough to incite the craving. The same is when you smell something that you cannot stand. You cover your nose just at the smell even though you know that you are not going to actually eat it. With alcohol you crave the feeling that comes when you have it and that is enough to send you seeking a drink out. The addiction can have such a hold that your brain now thinks that is the only way to have that level of joy or happiness.
Can Alcoholism Be Cured?: The real answer is no. The addiction to alcohol cannot be cured. You cannot change the effects that you have put your brain through but there is an answer. The idea that you work through a recovery program that will give you tools and ways to substitute the joy in another way can keep you from drinking. You are essentially replacing the craving for alcohol with other activities and thoughts as an outlet. Knowing that you have an addiction to alcohol but you have the ability to say no is enough to stop the abuse.

Access to Alcohol Treatment & Recovery Help for Alcoholics

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