Is There a Difference Between the Signs of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism in Los Angeles, CA?

When you have a friend or loved one that seems to have a problem with alcohol you may feel unsure about the severity. This can then lead to not talking to or confronting them about the possible addiction. There are some people that have control enough to know how much and how often they can partake of alcoholic drinks and still lead a normal life. Even if you once were able to do that it can always change and it could become abuse or addiction at any moment. It is something that should be checked on regularly and decide where you might be on the scale. Now you might also want to know what the difference is between alcohol abuse and alcoholism. These are each a problem that potentially requires the help of a professional but they are in fact different.

Meehab Addiction Recovery Explains the Difference Between Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism

What is the Definition of Alcohol Abuse?: Most of the time alcohol abuse is less of a problem but can become an addiction in a short amount if time. Abuse is when you use alcohol in a way that it was not intended or in excess. It can mean when you go to drink alcohol you binge drink and don’t know when to stop. This is a very dangerous way to drink alcohol and can lead to many health concerns. With that said most people when they are in the alcohol abuse stage they know that there is a problem. They often can choose to stop abusing alcohol and stay away from it on their own or with a smaller amount of help.
Symptoms Of Alcohol Abuse: The signs that you are abusing alcohol are similar to the signs that you have an addiction but not as extreme. You might notice that you are skipping class, missing days off work, or neglecting your responsibilities that you usually would be happy to take care of. You might also notice that you are not able to control your moods and you might pick fights with those that are closest to you. If you are noticing that these signs in your own life, you may want to seek the help of a professional.
Alcoholism Meaning: If you are dealing with an addiction to alcohol it means you are in a more severe state. The addiction actually alters your mind in the form of dependency. An addiction does not appear out of nowhere and is usually a continuation of alcohol abuse. The addiction that has altered your mind can be a real danger not only to you but those around you as well.
Warning Signs Of Alcoholism: If you think you know someone that is addicted to alcohol then they often are neglecting all their responsibilities. They might stop doing a hobby that they have always loved or done. They also may appear to drink more and more alcohol because they have become tolerant of the alcohol and need more to feel drunk. They also will feel compulsive and may act erratically.

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