Ideas for Fun Sober Date Nights, Group Party & Other Activities in Los Angeles, CA

Recovering from an alcohol addiction is something that takes a lot of effort. You first need to know that you have a problem and reach out for help. Help does not come in one specific way but in how you choose to get the help. Meetings, support groups and patient care are all ways that people choose for assistance. One you are in treatment you need to do a lot or work as well as implement changes to continue on the path to recovery. It also means that you need to make changes in your life especially in ways that you normally would have been found drinking. There are many people that think that a sober person is not a fun person and that your days of having a great time are over. That is far from the truth and learning what you can do to continue to have fun is important for your quality of life!

Meehab Addiction Recovery Lists Ways You Can Continue to Have Fun While Being Sober

Find a Healthy Hobby & Passion: Someone that was once an addicted to alcohol will find that during recovery they now find that there is lots of time in their life to fill. Those times of life that they spent drinking now need to be filled with other activities. One thing that is fun to do and can give you a sense of accomplishment is to pick up a hobby that allows you to create. You can start to take a class on drawing, painting or even photography. The great thing is that this is something you can start and have the satisfaction of completing. You can then keep your creation or offer it for sale.
Find Moments For Introspection: When an alcoholic has time to reflect on life prior to recovery time alone is not a good thing. They will take that time to start drinking rather than being okay with who they are. Once you have found yourself in recovery you have time to think about the blessings in your life. Find a quiet moment to pick up a book, write in a journal or even take on a yoga class to help feel good about yourself.
Enjoy The Outdoors: Now that you are sober your health will have inevitably increased. This will then lend you time to enjoy outdoor activities. You can head to a beach for some sand volleyball. You can rent bikes and ride around with some friends taking in the scenery. You can also play a game of basketball or just get to a trail to take a hike. This time outdoors is not only enjoyable but it can add joy to your everyday sober life.
Enjoy Not Drinking: The interesting thing is that people that are in recovery and choose to not drink might get some teasing by friends that still drink. You may need to find a new group of friends but no matter what, doing everyday tasks sober can be fun. Running your Saturday errands or making a meal can be a fun way to spend your day.

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